Which Current NBA Player Are You?


Pick The Stats You Prefer

What's Your Biggest Strength?

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What's Your Style of Play?

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5 Seconds Left. What Are You Doing?

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Pick a Color

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East or West?

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What's Your Best Basketball Trait?

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If The Ref Made a Bad Call, How Would You React?

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You Get a Minor Injury.. What Do You Do?

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Fancy or Fundamental?

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What Position Are You Most Likely to Play?

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Do you think you’d be good at shooting 3-pointers?

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How would you spend the night before a big game?

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What would you do if you didn't play basketball?

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Which Brand Are You Signing With?

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You are on the verge of graduating from high-school; which college do you seek to take your talents?

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What jersey number would you wear?

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Approximately how tall are you?

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Your rookie contract is up, and you are yet to win a championship; what do you do?

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Out of these NBA legends, whose legacy do you wish to match?

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If you were a basketball player, how would you wear your hair?

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What kind of sports-related scandal would you be involved in?

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Which nickname do you like most?

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After you retire from the NBA, which career would you go into?


Why would you play basketball?

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Which Current NBA Player Are You?
Luka Doncic

Ben Simmons

Russell Westbrook

Kyrie Irving

Damian Lillard

Paul George

Joel Embiid

Nikola Jokic

Anthony Davis

James Harden

LeBron James

Kawhi Leonard

Stephen Curry

Giannis Antetokounmpo

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