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True or False: LeBron tried to declare for the NBA Draft after his junior year in high school.

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After a loss in the Division II Championship game (and a Gatorade National Player of the Year Award), LeBron tried to petition the NBA. Before the NBA's "one-and-done" rule was implemented in 2006, no one could be drafted until they graduated from high school.

How many high school championships did LeBron's high school team win?

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LeBron's high school record is as follows:
Freshman: 27-0, State Champions

Sophmore: 26-1, 2x State Champions

Junior: 23-4, lost state championship

Senior: 26-1, 3x State Champions (had to forfeit one win due to the jersey controversy)
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Why did LeBron stop playing football?

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James has admitted why he stopped playing football after his junior year at St. Vincent-St. Mary's High School in Akron: His fellow basketball teammates threatened to beat him up if he tried to strap on the pads again.

Who is LeBron's high school girlfriend that he later married?

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LeBron first met Savannah in high school.

James was 17 years old and a rising basketball star at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. Brinson was 16 and a cheerleader at a rival high school. James spotted her at a football game and asked a mutual friend to get her phone number.

"I'm like, 'Um, nope. I'll take his number,'" Brinson told Cleveland Magazine. "One day I'm sitting around — I was probably bored or something — and I'm like, 'Oh, I forgot! I have this number for this guy that I can call. He seemed interested, so let's see.'"

After a few phone conversations, Brinson said James invited her to one of his basketball games, and the two went out with some friends to a local Applebee's. She said their first official date was at an Outback Steakhouse.

Brinson claims she had no idea her high school boyfriend would soon become an NBA star.

"I just thought he'd be a hometown hero for his era and it would be over," she told Harper's Bazaar. "He was a normal high school senior."
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Which year did LeBron star on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

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During LeBron's Junior season, James appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, becoming the first high school basketball underclassman to do so. The magazine was called "Chosen One" - First cover February 18, 2002.

Where did LeBron go to high school?

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What number did LeBron initially wear in high school?

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James wore the number 32 during his freshman year of high school at St. Vincent-St.

What did LeBron's high school coach make him do every time he cursed?

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Yep, that's correct. His high school coach made him do 10 push ups every time he cursed.

What was LeBron's favorite subject in high school?

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We guess those thick glasses ain't just for show..

Which NBA player did LeBron view as "The God"?

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LeBron James, who has long cited Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson as his two basketball idols when he was growing up, called The Answer "the god" when asked to describe the Philadelphia 76ers legend's impact.

"He represented what black kids were all about, and he resonated with every inner-city kid in the world who had a struggle," James told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated. "Michael Jordan inspired me, and I looked up to him, but he was out of this world. A.I. was really the god."
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True or False: After surpassing Jordan's 6'6'' height, he refused to be measured.

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The summer before his sophomore year, LeBron sprouted over six inches (at six feet he was already a top-five AAU prospect). After that, James refused to be measured because he wanted to retain his anonymity, saying "I don't want anybody to know my identity. I'm like a superhero. Call me: 'Basketball Man.'" Tough secret to keep when you're that tall and the top basketball player in the country.
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What did LeBron and his teammates do to raise money for new school uniforms?

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They would often set up shop outside of a liquor store because they found that to be the most lucrative location.

How much was LeBron's contract with Nike before even playing an NBA game?

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Well before LeBron James started his dominance on the court, the future Hall of Famer signed the richest rookie shoe deal in NBA history before he ever played in a game. James signed a seven-year, $90 million contract with Nike on May 22, 2003.

Why Did LeBron Wear No. 9 For Football In High School?

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It's because of a former star college football wide receiver. Former Florida State star wide receiver Peter Warrick, who donned No. 9 with the Seminoles, inspired James to wear the same number in high school.

In high school, what did LeBron use to cope with the stress that came from constant media attention?

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During this time, he used marijuana, which he said was to help cope with the stress that resulted from the constant media attention he was receiving.

What is the least number of points LeBron scored in an NBA basketball game?

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James' lowest output was a 3-point game against the Houston Rockets on Dec. 29, 2004, during his second season in the league. Credit Dikembe Mutombo. James played just 17 minutes in that game, leaving after taking an elbow from Mutombo. (via cleveland.com)

What sport besides basketball did LeBron play in high school?

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